Washington Framework for Comprehensive Guidance and Counseling

Research Articles and Literature

A Must Read
Collective Impact -Stanford Social Innovation Review, By John Kania & Mark Kramer, Winter 2011

Regional resources

Developing a Dropout Early Warning and Intervention System (DEWIS) – A guide developed by Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction, Education Service District 113, Shelton School District, and the Washington School Information Processing Cooperative.

Portland Public Schools: From Data and Decisions to Implementation and Results on Dropout Prevention – The Bridgespan Group, Daniel Stid, Kate O’Neill and Susan Colby, January 2009.

National High School Center – at the American Institutes for Research

Reinvesting in Youth – Dropout Prevention Planning Guidebook – A Guide for School District Planning and Self-Assessment – Puget Sound Education Service District..

The Renton Public Schools: Getting to High School Graduation: Identifying Early Warning Indicator to Prevent Dropouts – A longitudinal study of the Class of 2006 in the Renton Public Schools, June 2008.

This School Works for Me: Three Guides – Guide for Data Analysts – Guide to help identify students at-risk of dropping out of school.

National Resources

Achieving Graduation for All – A Governor’s Guide to Dropout Prevention and Recovery

American Diploma Project Network: Identifying Potential Dropouts: Key Lessons for Building and Early Warning Data System

Attendance Counts – Advancing Student Success by Reducing Chronic Absence

Beyond the Indicators: An Integrated School – Level Approach to Dropout Prevention

Creating Successful School Systems Requires Addressing Barriers to Learning and Teaching – Howard S. Adelman & Linda Taylor University of California, Los Angeles – July 2010

Doing What Works: Research-Based Education Practices Online – Dropout Prevention – Includes Recommended Practices on Data Systems, Adult Advocates, Academic Supports, Social/Behavior Programs, Learning Environment.

Dropouts in the Denver Public Schools: Early Warning Signals and Possibilities for Prevention and Recovery

Exploring the Association Between Grade Retention and Dropout: A longitudinal Study Examining Socio-Emotional, Behavioral, and Achievement Characteristics of Retained Students

Predictors of Early High School Dropout: A Test of Five Theories

Putting Middle Grades Students on the Graduation Path – A Policy and Practice Brief – Robert Balfanz – National Middle School Association – June 2009

Rennie Center for Educational Research & Policy – Meeting the Challenge: Promising Practices for Reducing the Dropout Rate in Massachusetts Schools and Districts

What your Community Can Do to Find its Drop-Out Crisis: Learning from Research and Practice

Inter-agency Collaboration

Children and Youth Services Review – The role of inter-agency collaboration in facilitating receipt of behavioral health services for youth involved with child welfare and juvenile justice. Children and Youth Services Review 32 (2010) 1814 – 1822