Washington Framework for Comprehensive Guidance and Counseling

In 2010, the Workgroup delivered the Integrated Student Support Framework—a comprehensive approach to curb the dropout problem in Washington State. This approach involves building a system involving all K-12 and community stakeholders in a coordinated effort. A system which, if achieved, can offer sustainability and fidelity for our vulnerable youth.

Integrated Student Support Framework

Comprehensive School Guidance and Counseling Programs offer a key foundational piece to the State-wide drop out initiative. School counselors provide systemic responsive services within the green foundation of the Integrated Student Support Framework. The rationale is if you build a strong foundation (green) you will have less yellow and red students in the system.

How can school counselors get involved in drop out prevention efforts?

All School Counselors can be build strong Comprehensive and Guidance programs for their students. At the same time, if School Counselors are interested on how they can get involved at the regional or state level. The State Dropout Prevention Workgroup and/or Building Bridges Workgroup is looking for volunteers to help with the large amount of work that needs to be done to build this sustainable Integrated Student Support Framework. School Counselors can help: facilitate multi-system, regional action teams, help coordinated the work of multiple systems that serve vulnerable youth in the school and community, understand system and policy recommendations and how they relate to the development of a coordinated dropout reduction efforts with a school’s SIP (School Improvement Plan), and/or serve on one of State Dropout Prevention Workgroup Committees and/or Building Bridges Workgroup.

School Counselors who are interested in getting involved and have a passion for dropout prevention can contact Mike Hubert (Mike.Hubert@k12.wa.us), Dave Forrester (Dforrester@osd.wednet.edu) and/or Danise Ackelson (Danise.Ackelson@k12.wa.us).

Building Bridges Legislative Reports:

The Building Bridges Legislative Report, December 2009 (PDF) includes Comprehensive Counseling & Guidance

The Building Bridges Legislative Report, January 2011 (PDF) includes Comprehensive Counseling & Guidance

Building Bridges Website:

Building Bridges – Office Superintendent of Public Instruction – Information on Building Bridges