Washington Framework for Comprehensive Guidance and Counseling

Strong comprehensive guidance and counseling programs (CGCPs) support the educational mission of our schools. Such programs are being cited by Washington educational stakeholders as essential to student achievement, preparation of career and college-ready students, and as foundational to State efforts to establish a comprehensive and integrated approach to dropout prevention, intervention, and retrieval.

This page is designed to afford families and caregivers an entry point to the Framework web page. It provides background to the centrality of CGCPs, identifies some of the major benefits of a CGCP, and provides hyperlinks to the more common pages accessed by parents, caregivers, and family members on the framework site.

Caregivers As Experts

Children are growing and actively developing, and school counselors need the expertise of caregivers (parents, family members, advocates etc.) to help them support students in the school setting. Family-school partnerships promote success for students in academic, career, and social-emotional domains throughout the K-12 educational journey. Students’ ability to flourish at school is related to their functioning in other environments. School counselors work with families as they change and grow, recognizing that students do not learn in a vacuum.


The role of the school counselor

American School Counselor Association

Washington School Counselor Association

The ASCA National Model