Washington Framework for Comprehensive Guidance and Counseling

Mission Statements

When developed collaboratively and used regularly, a mission statement can become the guide for program decisions. A good mission statement lets students, parents, staff, and the community know the reason why the school counseling program exists. It provides direction and above all must be consistent with actions.

A mission statement should (ASCA, 2005):

  • Keep the program’s focus on the beliefs, assumptions and philosophy
  • Establish a structure for innovation
  • Create one vision
  • Provide an anchor in the face of change
  • Be written with students as the primary clients
  • Advocate for the equity, access and success of every student
  • Indicate the content and competencies to be learned
  • Show linkages with the school, school district or state department of education mission statement
  • Indicate the long range results desired for students

Work Plan for Developing a School Counseling Program Mission Statement

Yakima School District K-12 Counselors Mission Statement

Easton Counseling Mission Statement

Cle-Elem / Roslyn Counseling Mission Statement

Union Gap School District Comprehensive Counseling Mission Statement

ASCA National Standards

The ASCA National Standards “describe what the students should know and be able to do within the educational system (ASCA, 2005, p. 31).” These standards can be used as a guide for the attitudes, knowledge, and skills students should acquire through participation in a K-12 school counseling program.

Although these competencies are extensive, some do not consider the list exhaustive. It is quite possible that school counselors will want to add or modify the given competencies. It should also be noted that ASCA is in the process of revising the current competencies (2012).

ASCA National Standards

National Standards Crosswalking Tools

A crosswalk tool helps determine which standards are being addressed by which intervention or element in the guidance curriculum. The following examples are good resources for creating a crosswalk, but we are not endorsing the use of any certain product.


WhyTry Sample Crosswalk to ASCA National Standards