Washington Framework for Comprehensive Guidance and Counseling

The core curriculum is a planned, written program that is designed to serve all students. Effectively delivered core curriculum is preventive in nature and developmentally appropriate. School counselors not only plan and design the curriculum to serve all students, but they also evaluate the effectiveness of the lessons and activities they deliver. The core curriculum is aligned with the program’s vision, mission and goals, and directly supports all students learning the mindsets and behaviors they need to be successful.

Core curriculum can be delivered by school counselors via direct instruction to students, in a team-teaching model with teachers or other professionals, or as learning activities or instructional units in the classroom. School counselors also provide core curriculum by planned activities outside the classroom such as student workshops, team-building and leadership activities, college and career fairs, and post-secondary site visits. As there is increased pressure to accomplish more during instructional classroom time, professional school counselors use creative means to deliver the essential learnings that all students need.